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IMPLY hints unspoken concepts associated with certain objects and thus brings to the audience the connotation; it is often related to another word ‘represent’ as in how ’empty’ is paired with ‘nothing’. 

IMPLY Official not only carefully selects items and provides designer brands from around the world, but also offers our own collection. We redefine the dimensions of black and white, pursue and promote our aesthetics, and aspire to become one of the representatives of the fashion cityscape. From minimalistic and high quality garments to accessories, we devote ourselves to deliver a timeless and balanced philosophy in relation to aesthetics for people from all walks of life. We share our passion for art, in hopes of becoming a platform where all forms of art collide.

Established in Hong Kong, September 2015.


The Cell is a space inspired by the Lennon Wall, incorporated into our brand's aesthetics, hence adopted into our own version. As the name implies, the size of the room is similar to a "detention center", reflecting the brutal reality behind the sugar coating of life. Created to express creativity and personal beliefs in a different media with various installations, it is dedicated to be a space of freedom and truth.